a timer with a twist

Timebar stays out of your way while making sure you don't lose track of time. When you need it, it turns your entire menu bar into a subtle progress bar that slowly slides away.

When time's up, Timebar will let you know. Until then, stay focused on your stuff, not the timer.

Start a timer quickly by dragging the slider and hitting Start.

If you prefer, enter an exact duration for your countdown.


Click the Timebar icon to see exactly how much time is left.

Not quite done yet? The snooze button has you covered.

Timebar's simple interface lets you set intervals ranging from one minute to eight hours, and even comes with a snooze alarm.

Timebar is indie software, supported by folks like you. Buy it from the App Store for just $2.99 and help Nathalie & Mark fund their honeymoon.