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“I'm just a guy from Canada, living in California and trying to be a pretty okay human being.”

I'm pretty proud of this. tedium.co/2019/02/21/video-game-save-state-history

I'm very grateful to have had the opportunity to share this with a wider audience, and for the leveling-up the post got by Ernie, the editor of Tedium.
I spent a big chunk of the evening working on microbot, a work in progress that turns your DM conversation with a bot on Slack into a timeline of messages (and a microblog-friendly RSS feed).

My timeline: whimsicalifornia.com/microbot/user/shinypb
Microbot’s not-done-yet code: github.com/shinypb/microbot
Hello. Hello.
Two features I wish would vanish from the face of the earth: snooze buttons in alarms and shuffle mode in media players.
Food truck name idea: Que Pasta?
:heart: Wow, Tedium linked to my N64 article! tedium.co/shorties writing.markchristian.org/2019/01/01/n64-controller :heart: Wow, Tedium linked to my N64 article! <https://tedium.co/shorties> <https://writing.markchristian.org/2019/01/01/n64-controller/>
NiN-themed food truck name idea: Bread Like A Roll
Food truck name idea: You Dim Sum, You Lose Some
Name idea for a chocolatier near the beach: Cocoa Cabana
Food truck name idea: You Butter Believe It
Slack’s “oops, you checked your API token into GitHub, lol” detection is eerily good — just a few seconds between “d’oh” and “your token has been disabled”. Kudos to whichever smart people made that work.
I’m intentionally trying to write more emails to people these days.
I wrote an article on the history of video game saves. Feedback welcome and appreciated! writing.markchristian.org/2019/02/02/saved-games.html
Food truck name idea: Don't Get Curried Away
It took me until this exact moment to notice that Pizza Pops are empanadas.
Food truck name idea from Nathalie: Mission Im-pasta-bowl
Few things make me feel as old as seeing (Remastered) next to the songs of my youth in Spotify
Food truck name idea: Flantastic Four
Children's book name idea: It's Your Potty, You Can Try If You Want To